Dining with Dignity:

An Evening of Feasting and Friendship

A Meal for the Community



Meals are designed to be as elegant as possible, considering time, talent and treasure.  Speaking of Treasure, our budget is $200 per month.  It is tempting to exceed the budget, simply donating the additional cost to St. Paul’s.  I encourage you not to do this.  In the long run, it will limit our volunteers to those who can afford to personally pay the difference.  It can also limit our creativity.  Please try to keep within the budget.

Menu Planning and Shopping

The meal should be well balanced—Protein, Starch, Vegetable, Salad, Dessert



I prefer Cash & Carry—it has a good selection, commercial quantities and well-priced.

I do use Costco for fresh Chickens, but that is about all


Other Consideration

Avoid tomato based meals like lasagna—too much of the high acid food is not healthy, and that tends to be what they receive at most food programs.  On the other hand, don’t be too healthy—when you are living on the streets, you need a fair amount of fat in your diet. If you are a vegetarian, that is nice, but don’t expect our guests to appreciate it.  They need a hearty meal.


Many people on the street suffer from poor dental care.  Difficult to eat foods such as corn on the cob are probably not a good idea.


If you are creating a difficult to clean entre, such as scalloped potatoes or anything with baked cheese, consider purchasing disposable hotel pans.